"I have a Dream"...

My dream is to work towards closing the Digital Gap and connect the world, allowing access to education for all. This is something I can see myself devoting my life towards…

The question is, how? I would be so happy to hear your feedback on what I need to do to make my dream a reality.
Some Ideas I had:

  • Get a degree in Communications Systems Engineering from BGU and then create a company/NGO that develops and builds IT/communication infrastructure in developing parts of the world
  • get involved with Internet Association on a deeper level, finding opportunities like this that exist and being a part
  • Do a TEFL program (Teach English as a Foreign Language) and then volunteer in the developing world to understand the situation better and how best I may engage the issue.

I am open to all suggestions and criticism. Please write extensively so that I can understand your perspective better and learn your opinions on what must be done and how.