Will Coronavirus have an impact on Israeli networks?

Right now in a zoom chat with ISOC Europe.

The topic is: " Is the Internet Resilient Enough to Withstand Coronavirus?"

About “learn from home” : I am afraid that we are building a disgust over the concept - teachers in Israel are using new technologies for old pedagogies. Sending pages over pages of exercises to children (parents?) is not online learning.
I reminds me of an “experiment” in a school years ago, when the control group receive a printed page with content, when the “experimental group” got a screen with a word document with the same content…
A really online learning has to use new pedagogies, and measure different results.

My biggest hope is that this challenging time will finally push the education sector to adopt a new approach. Our classrooms haven’t changed in hundreds of years, even in our most reputable institutions.
I am hoping that the education system will (FINALLY) adapt to the technology that has existed for decades and take on a more more individualized approach.

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